In Need of a Voice

There is a fine line between comfort and complacency. Neither word describes how people feel about what happened in Ferguson, MO, but it seems like that is what was expected. Protesters took to the streets, property was destroyed, merchandise was stolen, all unfortunate things surely…however, I understand it. Some would rather that we grow accustomed to the inequality, only a broken people would. Some condemn the tactics; they focus more on the retaliation than the act that caused it. They are more outraged at the anger that stemmed from the actual event that sparked the violent emotion in the first place, as if a response to a wrongdoing is wrong in and of itself.

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Leadership is effective when men are actively being led. When there is no active leader, a void space is created that is often filled with the influence of ineffective leaders. Those who lead by example, embrace personal accountability, support their teammates, and encourage positive attitude show great leadership potential.

When effective leadership is not present, or when several potential leaders are grouped together the negative effects associated with ineffective leaders often blends and or negates the positive effects of effective leadership. There will be dissension among the rank and file. There will be confusion, there will be combativeness and resistance.

Ineffective leaders thrive in that chaos, they create opportunities for themselves instead of embracing the opportunity to make others better. They isolate and attack the weaker members of the group instead of bringing them into the fold. They try to buddy themselves with senior officers to boost their own feeling of self importance.

In situations where several leaders of varying capacity are brought together, it is imperative that the strong leaders assume a role at or near the top of the group hierarchy. Ineffective leaders should be recognized, exposed, and then isolated. At any time, strength, honor, and integrity should rule the day. Any time bickering, dissension, and or slackness in effort is allowed, it is an indicator that the effective leaders have failed the collective, and the ineffective leaders have filled that void space with unproductive energy. The energy that gets people killed has no place on the fire ground.

Hearing The Right People – Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop

Social Media can be an excellent source of misinformation. For the most part, we all know that. Our timelines are often filled with junk that is either unknowingly misleading, or deliberately inaccurate, either way it does the reader no good. Junk that serves only to get you to unknowingly download a virus or spend a few moments reading a pop up add. Squashed in with all of the nonsense, are the real voices, the thoughts and opinions of our peers. I find it ironic that the people who need to be heard the least; have the biggest audience and the largest following when it comes to social media. The biggest clowns have the largest parades. The least knowledgeable among us grab the most ears, nod the most heads, and lead the most astray.

Every day, I see more and more people speaking out on very serious social and political issues. Most speaking out of their emotions, ignorant to key facts pertaining to their issue at hand, and calling for action that would not provide an effective solution to the problem. Many of us, me included, allow ourselves to be lead astray too often; pulled off the path of focus and into nonsense debates and hypothetical situations. We could have used that time to study on the work of Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop.

cheikh anta 86 Hearing The Right People   Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop
Cheikh Anta Diop (1923-1986), a Senegalese Egyptologist, challenged the common white view of Egyptian and African history.

In my opinion, what he had to say was worth hearing. His opinion is valid because it carries the weight of decades of research along with tested and proven hypothesis. His findings are not centered on how he felt in his heart, but what he discovered through study.

While studying the origins of the human race, Diop was able to disprove the popular European myth that Caucasians founded and ruled in ancient Egypt and the Middle East. Dr. Diop pioneered scientific techniques such as Carbon Dating, and the Melanin Dosage Test. (used to test and verify the melanin content of Egyptian mummies)   He then used those methods to go on and prove that a “Black Egypt” was responsible for the rise of civilization throughout Egypt, Northern Africa, and the Mediterranean, INCLUDING Greece and Rome.

To this day, forensic investigators use Dr. Diop’s technique’s to determine the racial identity of badly burned accident victims. Although we lost Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop in 1986, his impact on history, anthropology, physics, and modern science is still felt today, over two decades after his passing. That is staying power.

When I see Cleopatra cast as a Caucasian women, when I see biblical figures cast as white men and women, I don’t just THINK it is weird, I KNOW it is wrong, it has been proven. We can thank the good doctor for that. There was no ranting, there was no race bashing required, it is proven and accepted as fact through his teachings, and that is all there is too it. Sure, some of the incendiary memes that you can find online might make you feel better, but they don’t help the situation, they only make it worse. If we are to learn anything at all in our short time on this planet, we have to start HEARING the right people, and tuning the wrong people out.




orlando scandrick

4 Game Suspension for Molly…Wait, What?

670px Cowboys Stadium field 4 Game Suspension for Molly...Wait, What?
Dallas Cowboys 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for Dallas Cowboys fans. It seems we only just came to terms with having to suffer watching the Cowboys defense last season, one of the worst team defenses in history, We now have to contemplate just how bad things could get now that Orlando Scandrick has been suspended four games after he tested positive for MDMA (Molly)
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Caught In The Crossfire

What can you be expected to do, when you are trapped between two forces of equally ill intent? How can you expect to survive, when you are trapped amongst lions, depending on wolves for protection? Forget prosperity. Don’t even think about flourishing. We are talking survival…and how much of a long shot that it is for some people in America.
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Success Without Exception

We all know life is not fair; people bend the rules all the time. We see it in all aspects of life. Some politicians cheat to get elected, that is not the sum of politics.  Thieves steal money they haven’t earned, that is not the sum of economics.  Some athletes take steroids to gain the competitive advantage on the playing field, that is not the sum of sports. In fact, the vast majority of people who have managed to become successful have done it the honest way; it should be recognized and applauded because so many fall short of their goals. So many millions of people are roaming the planet with missions unfulfilled, tasks left incomplete, and a resentment that affects us all. It should not be so hard for people to simply except success….without exceptions.

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Big K.R.I.T. – “Mt. Olympus” (Official Music Video) **Explicit**

Big Krit is powering right on through 2014. Mt. Olympus hits hard and is being billed as the lead single for his upcoming studio album  “CADILLACTICA” which is set to release this summer. He is still a mostly one man band, writing, producing and recording the bulk of his material but he has opened the doors to allow some other great producers to make a mark on his records and I think this is for the best. By no means is he a shady producer, i simply feel that we do not get the best of KRIT when he is torn between so many tasks. At any rate, enjoy the vid and the lyrics, more to come soon!


 Big K.R.I.T.   Mt. Olympus (Official Music Video) **Explicit**

Aldon Smith is batting .000

I don’t know if I pity this man or not, it seems that often when our peers come into millions of dollars and unfathomable wealth, we automatically put them on a pedestal that they often do not deserve. Smith has shown himself to be a complete nitwit, at the very least, very emotionally disturbed. His story is made all the more amazing simply because he is somewhat of a hero to millions of sports fans and living the life that so many would give a kidney for. Why Aldon? You have all that money, all of that freedom, and you are playing America’s game on one of the best teams, and you are considered one of that team’s most valuable assets…Why why why?!
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