DeMarcus Cousins – The Next Elite Big

If you haven’t been watching, I’ve got some news that might or might not surprise you; DeMarcus cousins is the best big man in the NBA!

DeMarcus Cousins or “DMC” has been on an absolute tear this season and is showing the world that there isn’t a big in the NBA who can slow him down when he has his mind set on being a force in the paint. Averaging a double double with 22.7 ppg to go along with 10.8 boards, there has yet to be a game this year were Cousins showed a lack of focus or disinterest.

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DeMarcus Cousins (Photo credit: scott mecum)

The knock on the young big thus far in his career has been his sometimey attitude and off the court distractions affecting his game. Not this year, I don’t know if he has cut ties with some of the shady characters in his inner circle, it could be that he just matured a great deal in the off-season, all I know is he is playing with a huge chip on his shoulder and already looks like the best center in the NBA.

I hope Cousins continues this level of play and is not discouraged by the Sacramento Kings overall lack of success on the court. Losing so many games can be demoralizing for anyone and I would hate to see him digress after showing us what he can do when he has his mind set on basketball.

I’m already taking him over the other elite bigs in the NBA, over Howard, HibbertGasol, and the oft injured Tyson Chandler. This kid has a complete game and is deadly from anywhere inside 15 feet. Cousins also isn’t a liability at the free throw line, shooting 74% from the stripe so far this season. Foul trouble and turnovers are the only things that could potentially slow him and that is typical for any big man in the league. If you are looking for a new favorite center like I was, keep your eyes on DeMarcus Cousins because he is having a breakout year.


 DeMarcus Cousins   The Next Elite Big
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