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Kevin Durant: Front runner for MVP or Nah?

46, 30, 54, 36, 37, 33, 30, 48, 21, 48…Those are Kevin Durant‘s scoring numbers over his last 10 games. SICK…that is one word to describe his play, there is no doubt that he has once again, lifted the team onto his back in the weeks since Russell Westbrook went down, but is he having an MVP caliber season? Or is this just more buckets on top of buckets and little else from KD?

350px Kevin Durant towel Kevin Durant: Front runner for MVP or Nah?
English: Royal Ivey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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The Los Angeles Lakers: Too Good To Be Bad Enough

300px StaplesCenter051209 The Los Angeles Lakers: Too Good To Be Bad Enough
View of Staples Center (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The worst position you want to be in as a professional sports franchise has to be the middle of the pack. No one really believes that the Los Angeles Lakers are built to contend for a title right now. For one, their head coach is useless, his resume pretty much speaks for itself, no team wins in the playoffs without being great on defense, and D’antoni don’t know DEFENSE, nor does he know BO! But that is neither here nor there. Secondly, judging by all the new faces, the Lakers roster is in somewhat of a flux, only five players are on the pay roll for next season. No, Kobe Bryant is not one of those players. Unfortunately for the franchise and all Lakers fans worldwide, the current team and its current configuration is simply TOO GOOD to be BAD ENOUGH for them to earn a lottery pick and a shot at one of the potential megastars entering the draft next year. So, while the teams at the top are fighting to add more hardware to the trophy case, and the teams at the bottom are licking their chops at the prospect of taking Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker in the spring, the Lakers are 4 and 6 and looking at an outside shot at the 7th or 8th seed in the west and another first round departure from the playoffs. Depressed yet? Oh it gets worse.
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