Tesla? Yes Please!

one of the worst things about being broke! or at least not in a financial situation that allows you to splurge on really cool shit, is missing out on the current TESLA wave.

if you haven’t noticed, Elon Musk is like waist deep into some really cool, revolutionary innovation and I for one want to be involved. Contrary to what we’ve been taught essentially our entire lives, it is possible to have an electric car that is worth a damn.

Tesla vehicles look cool, they work great, they are great performance vehicles, and they are some of the safest cars on the road according to all the crash test data. Fact check it if you must, I dont have time for all of that.

The problem is, for so many people, that innovation is not cheap. A brand new Tesla model 3, bare bones, is running somewhere in the range of 35 thousand dollars. Start to add some of the really awesome features…like self driving software, or a trim package, and you are talking mid 40’s to low 50’s…as in thousands of dollars. A bit rich for my blood.

but DAMN, I want one! The tesla model Y was recently revealed as a compact SUV and it looks really cool, the Tesla Pickup is scheduled to be revealed in November of 2019 and production is on track to begin in 2020. Mark my words, when they start to roll off the production line. I will be parking one in my driveway.


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