Navigating Commitment

Is it not impossibly hard, and also way to common, to pretend to be interested or committed to something that just doesn’t fully align with your wants and desires?

Is it not enough to have with someone else?

Is it no longer a joy to share?

To often now we find ourselves in these you versus me scenarios with allies. trusted companions. partners. friends.

which begs the question why align at all?

If merging is poison, or all that you can offer the merger, why succumb to the desire to merge? To be a part of something larger than yourself, only to destroy it.

Commitment requires that you give up little pieces of yourself, and you offer them up to that which should result in something more, something greater. It is more than finding yourself on the path with others who have a similar destination, and so a path is shared among those going to the same place. It is more than occupying a seat in a boat with others who share the vessel, with the intentions of going their separate ways once the bow rope is tied to the dock.

Commitment requires that you allow who and what you are to change or become altered for a product that is greater and lesser than what you were as an individual. It does not signify that you sacrificed yourself. It does not mean that you gave up an individual greatness in order to become a lesser part of something larger.

It simply means that you have recognized the opportunity to build on what you are and who you are in the company of someone else. In the process you should surely change, growth demands it. Those changes should be for the better. It is a personal responsibility to make it so. 

there is so much more here to say...but not today.

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